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    There are 70 African universities in ISC World university rankings. University of Cape Town from South Africa, University of University of Witwatersrand from South Africa, University of Kwazulu Natal from South Africa, Cairo University from Egypt, Stellenbosch University from South Africa, University of Pretoria from South Africa, Ain Shams University from Egypt, University of Johannesburg from South Africa, Mansoura University from Egypt and Universite de Tunis-El-Manar from Tunisia ranked first to tenth in Africa. The table below shows the world University rankings and the top 10 ranked Universities by ISC in Africa.

    Figure 1

    The table below shows the Score\Rank of top 10 Africa Universities in rankings’ criteria.

    Figure 2

    The Number of African Countries in the World University Rankings

    There are 7 African countries in ISC World university rankings including, Nigeria with 6 universities, South Africa with 14 universities, Tunisia with 7 Universities, Uganda with 1 university, Egypt with 18 universities, Ethiopia with 2 universities, Ghana with 2 universities among the universities in the list.