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    Our Methodology

    The rankings performance indicators are grouped into four board areas:

    • Research
    • Education
    • International Activity
    • Innovation

    The research criterion entails five indices of research volume, times cited, category normalized citation impact, impact relative to world, and the number of articles which are published in top journals.

    The indices were applied in the 3-year time period analysis to rank universities as follows:

    • Total number of publications of each university in the 3-year time period was extracted from Incite database.
    • Total number of times cited in the 3-year time period was extracted from Incite database.
    • Category normalized citation impact was extracted from Incite database.
    • Impact relative to world was extracted from Incite database.
    • The number of high quality articles of a university is calculated in the intended 3-year time period on the basis of the number of articles:
      • Which are published in Q1 journals based on the information in Incite database.
      • Which are published in Nature, Science, and Nature index journals list.

    The education criterion entails two indices of the ratio of student to faculty members, and the number of highly cited faculty members which are calculated as below:

    • The ratio of students to faculty members which is obtained based on the information on universities website.
    • The number of university highly cited faculty members was extracted from WoS highly cited researchers list.

    The criterion of international activity entails three indices as below:

    • The number of international contribution of universities in producing articles in a 3 year period.
    • The number of cooperating countries in publishing international articles.
    • Reputation of the universities which is measured in accordance with their presence in three international rankings including QS World University Rankings, Times Higher Education World University Rankings, and Academic Ranking of World Universities (Shanghai Ranking).
    • Universities’ Negative Reputation (NEG REP), of which the number of “Retraction” papers is measured by (Since 2020).

    The innovation of a university is calculated based on two indices as below:

    • Number of patents recorded with the name of a university in the patent database of the United States Patent and Trademark Office in the 3-year time period.
    • Percent of Industry Collaborations in the 3-year time period.