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    There are 646 European universities in ISC World university rankings. University of Oxford, University College London, University of Cambridge and Imperial College London from the UK, University of Copenhagen from Denmark, ETH Zurich from Switzerland, Sorbonne University of France, Ruprecht Karls University Heidelberg from Germany, University of Edinburgh from the UK, KU Leuven from Belgium ranked first to tenth in Europe. The table below shows the world university rankings and the top 10 ranked universities by ISC in Europe.

    Figure 1

    The table below shows the Score\Rank of top 10 European universities in rankings’ criteria.

    Figure 2

    The Number of European Countries in the World University Rankings

    There are 34 European countries in ISC World university rankings including, Hungary with 9 universities, Iceland with 1 university, Ireland with 9 universities, Italy with 63 universities, Latvia with 2 universities, Lithuania with 4 universities, Luxembourg with 1 university, Malta with 1 university, Austria with 16 universities, Netherlands with 13 universities, Norway with 10 universities, Poland with 42 universities, Portugal with 12 universities, Romania with 22 universities, Russian Federation with 28 universities, Serbia with 4 universities, Slovakia with 8 universities, Slovenia with 3 universities, Spain with 52 universities, Belgium with 10 universities, Sweden with 18 universities, Switzerland with 12 universities, Ukraine with 5 universities, United Kingdom with 97 universities, Croatia with 4 universities, Cyprus with 2 universities, Czech Republic with 17 universities, Denmark with 7 universities, Estonia with 2 universities, Finland with 9 universities, France with 71 universities, Georgia with 1 university, Germany with 71 universities, Greece with 13 universities, among the universities in the list.