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    There are 786 Asian universities in ISC World university rankings. Tsinghua University from China and University of Tokyo from Japan, Peking University from China, Sungkyunkwan University from South Korea, National University of Singapore from Singapore, Kyoto University from Japan, Seoul National University from South Korea, Nanyang Technological University from Singapore, Zhejiang University from China, National Taiwan University from Taiwan ranked first to tenth in Asia respectively. The table below shows the world university rankings and the top 10 ranked universities by ISC in Asia.

    Figure 1

    The table below shows the Score\Rank of top 10 Asia Universities in rankings’ criteria.

    Figure 2

    The Number of Asian Countries in the World University Rankings

    There are 20 Asian countries in ISC World University rankings including, India with 70 Universities, Indonesia with 13 Universities, Iran with 43 Universities, Occupied Palestine with 8 Universities, Japan with 115 Universities, Jordan with 2 Universities, South Korea with 59 Universities, Kuwait with 1 university, Lebanon with 2 Universities, Macao with 2 Universities, Malaysia with 21 Universities, Oman with 1 university, Pakistan with 13 Universities, Qatar with 2 Universities, Saudi Arabia with 12 Universities, Singapore with 4 Universities, Taiwan with 35 Universities, Thailand with 11 Universities, Turkey with 72 Universities and China with 276 Universities among the Universities in the list.